Covid-19 has really taken the community and the world in general by storm. For those that have suffered loss, our hearts go out to you. We pray for your protection and to safely get through this atrocious time in our lives. That being said, WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS. YOU WILL GET THROUGH THIS. WE ARE STILL IN THIS TOGETHER. THERE IS STRENGTH IN THE COMMUNITY WE HAVE SERVED FOR OVER 65 Years AND WE SEE IT INDIVIDUALLY IN EACH OF YOU!

As we gear up for our vaccines and look forward to a safer later half of 2021, we also continue to take the most acute precautions to protect our patrons. We also request kindly to also keep supporting your local businesses whenever possible.

We and our fellow small business owners need your support, now more than ever! If you can, shop local and buy small by all means please do. The local business contributions like a takeout meal for your family once a week could seem inconsequential, but in community effort could keep your best local spots afloat! There is power in numbers when we all work together, we succeed together too. 

Buy gift cards, order catering, host your small immediate family events on the local heated patios or even give the gift of comfort food for a new family addition, birthday, retirement, anniversaries, or even a virtual business luncheon or ladies night! People are getting really creative to show inclusion and remain connected to their loved ones and associates. We will also keep adapting to help deliver the warm hug feeling that comes from food. We also promise to keep sharing the wonderful ways our guests and community stays connected in these trying times.

Socially Distant Indoor Dining and Hepa Air Filters

From the CDC and the State of Mass we have diligently complied to all direction and mandates to keep our facility COVID safe and our dining COVID compliant. With that comes our commitment to staying to safe and always delivering the healthiest environment for our diners. We have been fortunate enough to deliver not only our full menus, but add new take away options like Heat & Eat Dinners, while still serving our normal family style meals and takeout.

Open Air Heated Socially Distant Dining!

Fortunately, according to the CDC there are a number of actions operators of restaurants and bars can take to help lower the risk of COVID-19 exposure and stop the spread. Personal prevention practices (such as handwashingstaying home when sick, and wearing masks) and workplace prevention practices we employ, like environmental cleaning and disinfection. These are all important principles of preventing the spread of COVID-19. We are committed whole heartedly to protect our patrons and also keep our staff safe.

Lastly, we have also taken our outdoor dining, enclosed it from the elements but left it open air with an airchanger! We are pumping in clean heat, have multiple overhead and tableside heaters, and serving full menu in our socially distant safe heated patio!